I am extremely worried about safety of my personal information. What is the safety of data in your operations?
We at, 3 Year Loans maintain adequate data safety procedure using advanced technology. We also assure of our efforts in continuous upgradation of the data security technology in each of the relevant spheres viz transferring, sharing and storage.

I am unable to provide collateral since I own inherited property with lots of attached sentiments. Can I also still get a loan without collateral?
Everybody can avail Instant small loans. Whether you own a property or live in rented accommodation, you will not be required to furnish collateral.

Is there a higher limit of borrowing?
Actually these are small loans designed for meeting some day-to-day urgency. Within a limit, as decided by a lender, you can as much money you require. However, loan repayment capacity is the primary factor considered by the lenders for approving the amount of a loan.

I may need a loan now and again as such I can't afford waiting and wasting time on credit checking exercise. Also, I don't hold a perfect credit record on account of past problems.
You can easily avail instant small loans as and when you need. Your application is subjected to the ritual of credit checking at any time starting with loan you seek for the first time.

What to do if I fail repayment when due?
At 3 Year Loans, we understand anybody may face this kind of situation. You should contact us without delay. We will check the merit of circumstances with you, discuss with the lender and decide which option to take for repayment according to your affordability.

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