Privacy Policy

We, at 3 Year Loans, are highly conscious of maintaining a high level of data security. At every point of time, we assure you of protecting privacy in handling your data while we collect personal information for processing instant small loans.

Our dedicated protection of privacy covers the all three realms – transfer of data, sharing with reliable associates, and secured and tamper proof storage. We can touch on our privacy policy from three angles.

The first is protection of your data using SSL Encryption for secured transfer and storage. This is the latest technology for data protection adopted by many prominent financial institutions.

Come to the next privacy option we offer you. We use cookies to recognise your preferences about type of loans you are looking. We do not use persistent cookies for constant monitoring of your search habits.

We use session cookies at our website to monitor your preference every time you visit the website. The session continues temporarily activated right from the time you are at 3 Year Loans' website and holds good for monitoring until you leave.

The information on search activities helps us in sending chosen information about new developments etc. as marketing promotions.

We leave the option of disabling the cookies on you. At our website, you can always disable cookies clicking the prominently displayed tab before availing instant small loans.

We remind you to think over before you click on the ad links placed at the website. We are unaware of those website and have no control over their activities. We rather suggest taking your discretion to access only those links that you know to be safe sites.